Alfa pizza in hot oven to reach record temperatures

July 20, 2021 0 Comments

The Alfa Pizza oven is set to hit the mark again on Thursday as temperatures will hit an all-time high of 101.9C (203.6F) in the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, as the world’s hottest.

The temperature was recorded by the thermocouple at Alfa’s Pizza oven at around 9:00am (01:00 GMT) and will now be confirmed by an expert team at the National Institute of Geosciences, said Alfa, which has been trying to keep the record temperature in check.

The oven is now the third hottest in the world with the previous two being in the Czech Republic and Kazakhstan.

The city of Kazakhstan has been experiencing severe heatwaves in recent years and the average temperature there is now 105.6C (243.6Fs).

The heatwave has also been seen in Russia, Ukraine and the Caucasus region, with temperatures in the Black Sea region reaching 103C (241.5Fs) in Moscow and 105C (242.4Fs) at Yekaterinburg.

The heat is expected to continue in the coming days as temperatures are expected to rise in some regions.

It is thought the temperature in Kazakhstan will continue to rise until at least Thursday, when temperatures will reach 104.9F.

A report released by the UN agency for emergencies and peacekeeping on Thursday showed temperatures across the Middle East were expected to reach an all time high of 110.2C (252.2F).

It comes as the World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) issued a new heatwave warning in the Middle-East, including in Iraq and Syria, due to the spread of drought conditions and high levels of air pollution.