Best Buy says it will start offering ovens for sale in Australia

Posted November 30, 2018 09:57:55 Best Buy said it will begin selling ovens in Australia.

Key points:The retailer has previously sold ovens online in the US and New ZealandThe company said it was aiming to begin selling in Australia this yearThe new products include ovens and gas cookersA spokesman said it would begin selling the ovens within the next 12 monthsThe move is part of the retailer’s wider expansion strategy to the country, which it expects to grow to 5 million stores by 2026.

“We have made our investment in Australia in 2017 and we have invested a significant amount of capital in this business,” Chief Executive Officer Michael Lee said in a statement.

“This investment is a reflection of our strong relationship with Australian consumers and our commitment to ensure the products we sell are affordable and safe.”

The company, which has previously carried out deals online in America, New Zealand and the United Kingdom, said it aimed to start selling the products in Australia by the end of 2020.

“Over the coming months we will begin introducing our products in stores, including our largest market, and our customers will be able to buy them directly from our Australian customers via our online store,” Mr Lee said.

“The first of these new products is the popular ovens which will start to be available in stores next year.”

The spokesman said the company was targeting to launch the oven products in about three months and then expand its offerings into the rest of Australia.

“Customers will be the first to know about these new ovens, which will be available through our online online store as well as in stores and retail locations in Australia,” he said.