Which oven is best for broiling pizza?

A new study finds that ovens with a higher temperature are better for broil, while ovens that cook the pizza crust at the bottom of the oven are more optimal for broiled pizza.

A recent article in the journal Scientific Reports looked at the temperature of broiled pizzas and found that the hotter a pizza is cooked, the more likely it is to burn.

According to the study, ovens rated as “very hot” or “high” are more likely to burn pizza than ovens in the “medium” to “low” range.

This suggests that oven temperature is not a significant factor in broiling a pizza.

However, the study also found that oven temperatures with a lower “oven roast” (the part of the pizza that cooks on top of the crust) have an advantage over ovens used to broil pizza, which is to use the ovens at the lowest cooking temperature.

The study’s authors said that their findings could have implications for ovens made of a variety of materials, including aluminum, stainless steel, and ceramic.

As with many scientific studies, there are limitations to this study.

The authors said their results should not be used to judge whether certain ovens are better than others for broilings.

For example, if you prefer to broiler pizza, a pizza oven that is oven-less would be the better choice, according to the authors.

It also does not prove that a particular oven is better for baking pizza.

For example, some studies have shown that oven types that cook pizza at the top of an oven, such as an aluminum or stainless steel oven, are better at broiling.

Another limitation of the study is that it only considered ovens from one manufacturer.

Manufacturers that offer a wide variety of ovens and ovens styles are not included.

The authors also said that the study only examined ovens sold in the United States, and not from other manufacturers.

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