Why Bratwursts have become an American icon and the best brat brat in the world

When I first started eating brat meat, I didn’t know much about the brat, other than that it tasted like something you might put in a sausage casing and roast.

And yet I fell in love with it.

It was an easy, meaty, filling, delicious meal.

Brat brats are often served with mashed potatoes, gravy, and gravy and onions, so they’re often used in stir-fries, on top of steaks or sausages.

You can also make them in your own kitchen using a meat thermometer, or you can use them in recipes like brat salad and brat stew.

You may also have to throw them in with your brat-flavored gravy, such as a brat sauce, to make it a little bit more intense.

The best part about brat sausage is that you can make it with any kind of sausage you like.

You don’t need to worry about it being too hard or too dry, or even too spicy.

Brats can be made in a variety of ways, including with bacon, pork, beef, turkey, lamb, veal, or veggie sausage.

And they’re also often made with sauerkraut, mushrooms, and other ingredients, which are all great.

For a bit of a history lesson, here’s a little info on how brat sausars first came to America, and what brat has become to this day: In the U.S., brat is the country’s national dish.

It’s a brats version of brat with sausaged pork, lamb or chicken, but the sausage is usually made in-house.

For those who love the taste of sauks, brat was born.

This is where the term brat came from.

Brates are brat stuffed sausagens that are traditionally made with sausage and onions and made from pork or lamb meat.

In the past, brats were often made from the carcasses of chickens and pigs, but now they are made from any kind or any kind combination of meat, like sausagers.

The name brat comes from the German words for brat and wurst, meaning sausage.

There are so many types of brats out there, and there are so much to choose from, so it’s easy to find the perfect one for you.

Bratt is an American dish with a special flavor to it.

There is a long history of bratt in the United States.

It first came into popularity in Germany about 15 years ago, when German sausage maker and food critic Heinz K├Âllmann started making bratt for his own personal use.

But it wasn’t until American chefs began making it that the idea took root in the U