Apple’s newest TV box, the oven hood, is more than just a fancy name. It’s a revolutionary device.

Apple just unveiled its latest TV box — and, in some ways, a big upgrade from the original Apple TV that debuted in 2017.

And, it’s the first time that the oven-hosed TV box has ever been offered as an Apple accessory.

The new Apple TV 3, which is slated for release in July, has the familiar “box” and “screen” logos and comes with a slew of new hardware features, including a “battery” to power the TV, a built-in speaker and a built in microphone.

The Apple TV 2 is also getting a makeover, with a redesigned screen, built-ins and an upgraded processor.

But the Apple TV is not the only new TV with a builtin oven.

It also has an optional oven, which lets you set the oven’s temperature using a button or a touch screen.

You can also use the oven to set a preset oven temperature based on what you’ve set the “breadth” of the oven.

The oven hood can be used to remove the screen, as well as to turn off the TV’s speakers and a new remote control.

The TV box can also be connected to an external Wi-Fi or Bluetooth device via a standard USB cable.

It can also come with a charging dock and a USB-C power adapter.

The screen, speaker and remote are built into the oven itself, and it’s compatible with most Android TV apps.

It comes in a variety of sizes and colors, including one for men, one for women, and one for kids.

Apple says it is working on an Android TV accessory that will offer even more customization, and the oven is just one of many of the new Apple products Apple is introducing with the new year.

It includes a “smart home hub,” a home theater hub, a remote control, a speaker and an alarm clock.

The “breadstack” of new features that Apple is releasing in 2018: Apple TV Box The oven-enabled TV box lets you easily set a pre-set oven temperature using the “key” icon or a click on the remote control button.

You’re also able to turn the oven off by pressing a button on the oven that’s labeled “Off.”

Apple TV Remote Control This remote control will allow you to control all the Apple devices and apps you own from the TV box.

You will also be able to connect to your Apple devices from the “home” screen of the Apple television using the remote.

Apple TV Screen The Apple television screen will come with built-on, easy-to-use features that will let you control your Apple TV using voice commands.

The first of these features is Siri, which will let the Apple-owned voice-controlled remote control all of your Apple TVs and apps.

Siri will also offer the ability to make adjustments to the screen itself.

Apple HomeKit app The Apple Homekit app will be available in the Apple Store and the Apple App Store.

You’ll be able add a “home screen” that includes an Apple TV, the Apple Watch, an Apple Music account and other Apple devices.

Apple Watch Edition This watch is the first smartwatch Apple is launching with HomeKit.

It has a circular screen that’s covered in dots to help keep it in sync with the HomeKit sensor, and its color temperature sensor can detect the difference between light and dark.

It is also waterproof and comes in three colors, with the option to customize the watch with a logo and a logo color.

Apple TVs, accessories, accessories and more accessories Apple TV and HomeKit accessories will be sold in the Home and Home Hub Stores, and Apple TV accessories will come in a “breadstack” of colors and sizes.

Apple will also sell an assortment of “Apple TV accessories.”

The Apple Watch Series 3 will be the first new Apple Watch that will include Apple’s “newest” accessory: a built‑in oven that you can use to set the temperature of the TV and the speaker, or to turn them off.

The accessory is the product of Apple’s collaboration with a team of engineers from D-Wave Systems, the company that created the “D-Wave” wireless chips that power Apple’s popular HomeKit smart home hub.

The D-wave chips are embedded into Apple’s HomeKit hub, and they allow the device to communicate with other HomeKit-enabled devices that are connected to it.

Apple also announced that it is partnering with the D-band Alliance, which includes several companies that work with wireless technology and sensors.

Apple’s D-Band Alliance partners include ZigBee, which powers Apple’s ZigBee hub, which also runs on Apple’s Apple Watch and its iPhone and iPad accessories.

The next generation of Apple TV hardware is scheduled for release next year.

And the new hardware is already showing up in the wild.

Apple announced that its next-generation TV box will include a built­in oven, so you can turn off its speakers and microphone by pressing

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