India’s ‘Electric Range’ ovens get big headlines

India’s government is looking at building a ‘Electric range’ oven to help farmers in remote areas get their food at reasonable prices.

The plan was first floated last month and it is now on the agenda for approval.

India has about 735 million people, and its population is expected to reach 705 million by 2030. 

Electric range ovens (ERAs) are small ovens that convert electricity into heat that can be used for cooking and cooking with.

A range of about 150 units could be produced and sold by 2020.

The new project would be financed by the government, but could be financed from the private sector. 

The idea for an electric range is a huge step forward in the country, as the population is forecast to grow by 10 per cent every year and India is facing its worst drought in decades.

However, the country has faced several issues over the past decade and the latest was the collapse of a nuclear power plant in the south-western state of Assam.

This collapse caused a huge loss of electricity generation, and was blamed on poor construction work and a lack of oversight in the state.

Since the shutdown of the plant, the Indian government has faced criticism for failing to provide adequate financial assistance to affected farmers, and for neglecting the needs of rural India.

In India, there are more than 50 ERAs that have been constructed, and the government is expected have about 1,000 such units installed by 2020, according to a report by The Economist.

To build an ERAs, India has to find the money to pay for construction, electricity, maintenance, and other costs, which is the cost of any electric generator that produces electricity, and has to be approved by the central government.

One ERAs being built in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu are already running at capacity, and there is a shortage of electricity, said Rajeev Gopalan, the director general of the India Electricity Corporation.

So far, there have been four ERAs in the southern state of Kerala, which has about 400 million people.

For more about India, watch:Electricity shortage ‘will make the food economy fail’, warns economist

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