When the Big One Hits: The 10 Best New Bikes for Sale

“It’s a lot easier to ride when you know where you’re going to park.

The Big One will be a real test for a lot of bikes.”

– Andrew Cunningham, Founder of The Bike Blogs, San Francisco “Bike commuting is a lot more manageable with a smaller bike and it can be an experience of taking the time to fully appreciate the scenery.”

– Nick Sacco, Founder and CEO of Bike-Solutions, New York City “If you’re just getting into riding, then a smaller frame might be a good choice.

The bigger frame offers more ground clearance for less weight.

A bike that is slightly wider is a good one for longer trips.”

– Chris Tarrant, Author of The Big Deal, Toronto “Bikes with more room can handle more traffic.”

– David Oates, CEO of Cascadia, Portland, Oregon “It will be hard to go back to riding if you have a big bike.

A bigger bike will make the riding experience feel more fun and comfortable.”

– Jason Fagalde, Founder, Bike-Biz.com, Seattle “A bigger bike is a better choice for a longer trip.”

– Joe Sibron, Founder & CEO of The Cascades, Portland “You’re getting more comfort from a bigger frame.”

– Kyle Gebhard, Author & CEO, The Bike Company, Los Angeles “You can expect a much longer ride.”

– Matt Storz, Founder @biketrees, Portland”There are only a few bike brands that make bigger frames, like Giant and Cannondale.

The bikes that come out with the best looks and quality are the ones that have the most volume.”

– Greg Johnson, Owner & CEO @bikepics, Los Angles”A big bike is not a bad thing.

It will help you maintain your balance.”

– Mike Krahr, Founder The Bike Store, Minneapolis, Minnesota”I would consider a big frame to be a must have if you’re looking to go longer distances and are looking for something that’s easy to move around.”

– Brian Shaffer, Owner of the Shaffer Brothers, St. Louis, Missouri”I ride a lot in the mountains and would consider the frame for that purpose to be the best choice for me.”

– Robert Fink, Owner, Fink Motorsports, Los Altos, California”It’s the bike I’ve always wanted to buy, and it has always been the best.”

– Josh Bouchard, Founder/CEO @bouchardmotors, Los Gatos, Nevada”If you ride in the cities, then it’s a bit bigger than a big rig, but for me, it’s the best for commuting on the highway and on mountain roads.

A big frame is perfect for me because I’m a big rider.”

– Sean Larkin, Founder / CEO @truckey, New Hampshire”I am really picky about my bike and I would consider an extra small bike a must.”

– Aaron Zegers, Owner / CEO, Bikeshedding.com “I’m always looking for the best bikes, but the biggest reason I choose a bike over a big one is the comfort factor.”

– Steve Latham, Owner @stevelatham, Los Chinos, California “I ride my bikes in the summer and the winter because I like the freedom and freedom of the open road.”

– Brad Lopes, Owner and CEO @brickslopes, San Antonio, Texas”If the Big one hits, I think we’ll all be riding smaller bikes again.”

– Kevin Pang, Founder – Brickslope, Chicago “I love the comfort of a smaller bicycle.”

– Tom Vollmer, Founder – BricksLope, Austin, Texas “If the weather is bad, I would take a smaller one.”

– Jim Gagnon, Owner/CEO, Big Bike, Sacramento, California, Founder