What’s going on in the Netherlands?

Dutch ovens are a staple of the Dutch food culture, but now they are facing some serious competition.

A new competition is starting to take place in the country, aiming to develop a new type of oven called the Dutch oven.

The Dutch oven is being developed by a group of chefs and food designers who want to put Dutch food traditions and tradition into the next generation of ovens.

The company has partnered with the Dutch Institute of Culinary Arts to develop an oven which is inspired by traditional Dutch baking.

The concept of the new oven is based on a traditional Dutch dish called the dutch pie.

The dish was traditionally served at the beginning of the holiday season.

The recipe is similar to what is served today, except that instead of pie filling, it is filled with a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients.

The aim of the project is to take this traditional dish and transform it into an oven that can be used for everything from home-cooked meals to large gatherings.

The Netherlands is the country that has produced the most Dutch oven recipes.

In total, there are approximately 20,000 ovens in the Dutch nation.

The new oven was developed by chef and food designer Dirk Van Nieuwenhuizen.

He told ABC News, “I’m a huge fan of Dutch food and Dutch culture.

I think Dutch food is one of the few things that is truly Dutch.

I wanted to create an oven in which we can have Dutch food on the menu and also for everyday cooking.”

Van Nuewenhuwen said that he wanted to take the classic Dutch dessert known as the duster to a new level.

“The duster is a traditional dish, a pie with a thick dough filling that has the essence of the old Dutch pie, but with an added filling of fresh fruit, vegetables and other seasonal ingredients,” he said.

Van Nuywenhuen said that the dish can be eaten all year round, but he wanted it to be a little more special when it’s served during the holiday period.

“I wanted it really special when we have our holiday dinners,” he explained.

“It can be served as the main course, but also as a dessert for dinner.”

The Dutch bakery also wants to create a better oven for cooking in a traditional way.

“To be able to cook the same way we used to, the ovens would have to be made from the same materials,” said van Nuyuyenhuen.

“But now the materials have been changed to allow us to make it in a different way.”

The new Dutch oven will be developed using the same technology as the Dutch pie and will be available to the public by the end of the year.

The competition was sponsored by the Dutch institute of Culritional Arts, which is part of the National Museum of Agriculture in Rotterdam.

The program is named after the Dutch inventor, Thomas van den Bosch.

The ovens will also be available for sale through the institute’s online store, where they will be sold in a range of different sizes and flavors.

In addition to baking, the Dutch bakebook is also available to help people create and cook their own food.

The book is available for download online for a price of between €20 and €30, depending on the size of the book.

For more information about the Dutch baking program, visit the Dutch bakery website.