What you need to know about ovens, butternut, peaches, and ovens

By MARK SHAYERThe word butternuts and peaches were both named after the butternutes that lived in their fields.They were a staple food in the region and in many states.They became

How to make a Dutch oven pot and fry steak at home with this recipe

The first time I made a Dutch-oven potato fry at home, it was a disaster.The potatoes were too hard to peel, and the steak was so tender, I thought the

3 hot take tips for making fried chicken without oil

A hot take is something that someone else says that’s totally wrong.You can tell they’re being sarcastic because they’re not being totally serious.You have to be careful.Hot take tips from

How to make the best oven baked chicken and waffles

July 2, 2021 0 Comments

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